Why organic, why BioForester

Maybe the idea starts a long way back, when we decided to follow the path of organic living, both for work and in our personal lifestyle.
DUring the last 20 years, apart from producing organic food products, we have started to construct a world the way we want it:
with more care to the environment (food products with less impact on the enviroment and less pollution);
with more attention to ourselves (“natural organic food for a better life’ and more respect).

that’s why BIO FORESTER

Our efforts to give our guests a healthy and eco friendly environment.

  • we renovated an existing structure without using any other ground;
  • we used wood and as little plastic as possible in our furnishings;
  • we used natural paint for the interiors for a more healthy environment • for our guests.
  • installed led lamps in all our lighting;
  • the kitchen uses an induction top;
  • we use eco friendly and 100% biodegradable cleaning products, and we uses dispensers for our toiletries which contain only natural ingredients;
  • guests have to provide their own shampoo at the moment;
  • we ask guests to collaborate with recycling their waste. under the sink in the kitchen you will find two containers, one for organic waste and one for waste that cannot be recycled, which we will empty daily.
    regarding glass and cans, plastic and paper, we ask you to use the big bins near the carpark with the respective colours blue, yellow and white.